Why Do You Consider Advertising on Baidu in English?

Why Baidu?

If your intention is entering the Chinese market successfully, then there is no other better way than marketing through Baidu. Baidu is China’s widely accepted search engine, and the approximate market share is almost 80%. The statistics establish that the majority of the Chinese population is using Baidu constantly. Hence, to make a winning entry into the Chinese market, promotional campaigns through Baidu is unavoidable, and advertising on Baidu in English is the best practical way for the same. Businesses are sure to get a greater response from the customers. Nevertheless, it is always prudent to select a technically perfect and experienced SEO agency for this purpose. Practical knowledge and relevant marketing tactics are imperative to make Baidu advertising a success. This type of planned promotional campaign will be immensely beneficial to small and medium-sized companies, which will have limited financial and human resources. Big corporate firms will not have any dearth of financial or human resources. That will not be the case with small businesses, and hence, they will have to function prudently by making use of all the available possibilities that will not be a burden and will yield sure results. Search engine advertising is a sure opportunity to bring about heavy traffic to the website, which will result in the enhancement of sales revenue.

Why Do You Consider Advertising on Baidu in English?

Baidu is the favorite ad placing spot for almost all the companies that wish to bring success to their Chinese market entry. This wide acceptance, even among the advertisers, gives a clue as regards the market value of this search engine. Baidu is the widely held search engine in China and by advertising on Baidu in English, companies can easily reach the desired customer segment. As the Chinese population considers Baidu as a personal search engine, they know that the advertisements that pop up through this search engine are genuine. Customers also know that Baidu is reliable to the core. Hence, the promotional activities through Baidu are sure to gain new customers for the advertisers.

Advertising on Baidu in English allows some better ways of advertisement, by which businesses can achieve their organizational objectives precisely and promptly. Moreover, the entailed expenditure will be very less when compared to the other forms of traditional advertisements. PPC Advertising, Pay-for-Placement (P4P), Baidu Brand Zone, and Baidu TV are the most accepted forms of Baidu advertising.

• PPC Advertising: In this specific advertising on Baidu in English mode, businesses can display their promotional matter on Baidu’s search engine result page (SERP). People who search through Baidu for a specific product or service will see the company’s advertisement and are sure to click as they will be searching for similar products.

• Pay-for-Placement (P4P): Here, the advertisers are getting the option to select their preferred ad positioning, and in line with their preference, they can place the bid. Even so, the bidder’s quality score and the value that is attached to that specific keyword will be considered by Baidu for allowing your preferred spot.

• Baidu TV: Many companies go for this advertising on Baidu in English option, as this is a result-oriented advertisement method. This inventive ad placement option gives the union members of Baidu the opportunity of selecting the websites and web pages in which they want to place the advertisement.

• Baidu Brand Zone: By opting for this method, companies can place the advertisement as an above fold ad, which is likely to catch the attention of the onlooker at a single look.

That said, for carrying out a perfect Baidu advertising campaign in English, the professional competence of an experienced SEO company is essential. You can find out such specialized SEO agencies by searching through the internet. However, before selecting a particular agency, you must check the credentials and confirm that they are experienced and are fit for the job. You must make sure that the agency has sufficient experience in all the entailed tasks that are par for the course of Baidu advertising.

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