Reasons Why You Want an Ad Agency that Specializes in Financial Service

Creating powerful advertisement is one thing, making sure a campaign reaches audiences and has an impact is another. Ad agencies specializing in financial services are a double hitter: they can build a company an amazing branding campaign while simultaneously navigating the financial world with efficacy. Financial services can fall victim to their messages being drowned out by numbers and intimidating figures, but together with ad agencies, a company’s financial services can reach bigger and broader audiences.

The Perks of Working with a Financial Wizz

Ad agencies specializing in financial services will come not only prepared to build a brand and take it to the next level, but also equipped with financial world knowledge. Understanding restrictions on financial advertising and targeting and being savvy in financial marketing compliance, disclosures, regulations, and guidelines are some of the key areas of expertise an ad agency can bring to the table. Additionally, building customer relations and solidifying brand presence come with the territory. By working with an ad agency specializing in financial services, brands can feel confident their marketing costs are being optimized.

Inbound vs Outbound Marketing

Ad agencies specializing in financial services will tell you that there are two main streams of marketing: inbound and outbound. Inbound marketing is aimed at delivering an experience to customers with the goal of building trust. Once this trust is built through sharing information, customers are more likely to associate with the brand and develop a degree of brand loyalty. In comparison, outbound marketing refers to the promotion of a product through advertisement, promotions, public relations, and sales. Outbound marketing is often thought of as “traditional marketing” and in a less complimentary light, “interruption marketing”.

While the two types of marketing have their differences, they do share a commonality: both rely on diligent planning and understanding of marketing realities to result in overall success. For a company to get the most out of advertisement efforts, working with ad agencies specializing in financial services is a surefire way to guarantee effective messaging that draws audiences in, not pushes them away.

Understanding the Digital Marketing Divide

According to studies, internet advertising has seen tremendous growth, bringing in over $59.6 billion in revenue for companies utilizing the digital tool and coming in as the top revenue source amongst advertising platforms. Just as the digital world is constantly changing, advertisement is changing along with it. Companies investing in advertising need to be aware of what works and what doesn’t. Understanding modern advertising environments will ensure campaigns hit virtual grounds running and reach the desired audience in the most efficient way. If this sounds overwhelming, the good news is ad agencies specializing in financial services will have experience working within the changing digital-scape and have a working knowledge of navigating online algorithms, search engine optimization, pay-per-click ads, and a long list of vital digital marketing techniques.

Choosing the Right Ad Agency

Look for an ad agency with a robust track record and demonstrated passion for the projects crossing their desk. Collaboration is key to a great brand campaign. Without it, a company can become lost in a campaign too far removed from its core. Ad agencies specializing in financial services will have a working knowledge of financial environments, what customers are looking for, and what companies need to know about their own advertisement techniques.

Creativity goes a long way. In a world bombarded by constant messaging, ensuring a company’s brand is able to climb to the top and be seen by consumers relies on innovative, engaging, and memorable storytelling. Long gone are the days of flat advertising with one catchy slogan. Customers want a story; they want to be able to put themselves in the commercial and connect with the brand. At the heart of powerful advertisements is a strong story, and by working with ad agencies specializing in financial services that story can be brought to the surface while the company’s own personality is not left behind.

While some may think advertising is advertising is advertising, the truth is much more complex. Different audiences with different needs are going to be on the lookout for unique features and characteristics before choosing one company over another. Before deciding on an ad agency specializing in financial services, it is important to assess their portfolio, learn about their specializations, and determine how well they will work in collaboration with the hiring company.

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