How Game Marketing Can Boost Your Brand?

Game marketing is often referred to as the “future of marketing,” but what exactly does that mean? How can game marketing boost your brand? It’s definitely not a marketing method to overlook, and it can make or break your advertising campaigns. From the fall of traditional marketing methods to higher consumer engagement potential, here are some things you need to know about video game marketing.

What is Game Marketing?

Video game marketing is a sector of advertising that benefits from the use of marketing campaigns inside of video games, directed at engaging gamers. Advertisements are embedded within or even at the forefront of certain video games, and this method of marketing is becoming more and more popular with modern businesses. Sometimes these advertisements can mean driving a virtual car that is for sale in the real world, or finding a branded drink that induces a power-up. In some–extremely profitable–cases, the advertisements aren’t just tolerated by gamers; they’re actually sought after. Certain ads become so popular with gamer crowds that entire YouTube channels are dedicated to pointing out these “Easter Eggs.”  

Failing Traditional Marketing Methods

Traditional advertisements, like TV and radio, just don’t pack the same punch they used to. Streaming services, like Netflix and Hulu, draw greater audiences each year, and consumers avoid all those commercials. Businesses aren’t achieving the same results that TV and radio once produced for advertising campaigns, which means it’s time to turn to other sources of marketing potential, such as game marketing if you want to boost your brand.

Many businesses have begun turning to video games for their marketing campaigns, and it’s proving more effective than many people thought. Consumers don’t want to sit through lengthy advertisements, and if you want to boost your brand you need to have modern solutions. TV and radio advertisements have grown less effective and more expensive at the same time that video game advertisements are becoming cheaper and more impactful. You can’t boost your business if you’re relying only on what worked in the past–savvy companies understand that video game marketing is the future of advertising.

Large Consumer Base

One reason why video game marketing is so lucrative is the large consumer base. Many businesspeople don’t realize the sheer volume of gamers out there, but it’s so extensive that, for many, gaming has become a source of competition and career. Games like Apex Legends from Battle Royale, which reached 25 million players only one week after launch, have an immense consumer base and could grant your business a ton of marketing value. If you want to give a huge boost to your business, you need to reach larger numbers of people than you could achieve with traditional advertisements, and video game marketing is a method that’s proven effective.

High-Quality Graphics & Interaction

Video games aren’t as simple as they once were, and now, often, they have highly realistic and interactive platforms for gamers to engage with. These now more in-depth engagements with consumers can promote brand-loyalty and form attachments with specific brands that use game marketing.

For example, this highly interactive age of video games and game marketing allows games like The Rocket League racing game to use real cars as product-placements that consumers can actually operate in the game. If a consumer uses your car to win big races, or if they think your car has the best power-ups, wouldn’t they be more likely to become attached to your product? Of course, because this interaction makes your product feel less like some abstract “thing” somebody wants them to buy, and more like a favorite, familiar “friend” they have a connection with.

Overall, video game marketing can do a lot to boost your brand, and it is becoming more necessary for successful marketing campaigns as traditional marketing methods, such as TV and radio, fall out of public favor, becoming ineffective. Game marketing reaches large audiences and engages consumers in a unique way, not found in traditional marketing campaigns. If you want to improve the results of business and get on the consumers’ radar, video game marketing is an essential method to consider for your advertisements.